Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good brother

This is how it goes: Lukas is playing with Lego. Matilda is coming around the corner and crawls super fast to reach the Lego's. Lukas says "No Matilda" in a rather harsh tone but to Matilda, that means "special invitation". She crawls around his legs, between his legs, whatever way she can find to get to the forbidden Lego's. Another yell "Mommy! Matilda is playing with my Lego's". Now Mommy has to help.

It might sound like he doesn't want to share but it's not. Matilda is not allowed to play with the Lego's and Lukas knows it. He is just being a good brother.

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Rommellyn said...

What a good brother! Already protecting his little sister :) He looks so big!