Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mommy is a winner!

Well, I already know that having such a great husband and beautiful children. :)
But today, I got surprised by the mailman with a box from undisclosed sender. After opening it, I found Martha Stewart's Cooking School cookbook - a price of being semi-finalist in the Hunt's Best Meals Contest. Yeah, I won something! I sent in my lasagna receipe and I guess someone liked it. Don't worry, it wasn't that good. There were 499 other semi-finalists. ;)


bethany said...

Hey that's fabulous!! Half of the recipes I make don't turn out right, let alone win a prize!! FABULOUS!! And it's always fun to win something, right?!?

For felt flowers: any craft store sells felt in squares. Not sure about Michaels, but Hobby Lobby and Joanns have them for sure and they are about about 25 cents a piece. You can also buy wool and craft felt off the bolt at HL and Joann's-I think there might be more color choice that way, but either works fine!! I'd love to see what you create when you're done!!

Pauline said...

So is your lasagna recipe in the book? Wow! very impressive Mamma.
Great job!!!