Sunday, March 15, 2009

While you were sleeping

Everybody is napping. Yay! So I finally got to do this project that I have read about on Vermillion's blog. I check on Beth's blog few times a week because she has great ideas and projects for the house, the kids and for everything else between.

For the pink/brown flower clip I used the yoonie's peony template and the other clip (brown/blue) is my own creation.

The super model is napping at the moment so here a quick photo of how the hair clips look. Love them and maybe I can design some for my shop on Etsy.


bethany said...

Love the pink and brown one-what a cute color combo. And the circle one you made up is adorable too!! Great job!!

CatzInTheHouse said...

Very nice. Your creativity can be endless. Blessings, Mama Cat