Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yesterday we went on a trip to the Children's Discovery Museum in Downtown San Jose. Lukas loves this place because you can check out an ambulance and firetruck from inside, play with water, pretend to be a cook or waiter in a kitchen/restaurant, and run around like there are no parks in the world.

This time, the special exhibition is dedicated to Curious George. We love to watch videos and read books with and about George so it was exciting to explore George's world for real.

Matilda did some art work which involved paint that she sucked on and she wanted to wash hands for fun. It caused some tears to seperate her from the sink that is kid friendly and thus so beloved.

Matilda's first official time at the museum (she has been there once before but she was a baby so I don't think she remembers).

Lukas and Matilda playing with water.

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