Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Thumb Camp

Last week, Lukas has attended a Green Thumb Camp. For the very first time he has gone to a weeklong camp and I think he liked it a lot. Probably for many reasons:

1) he was bored sitting at home
2) they talked about weather and bugs and trees and many other subjects that we didn't cover lately at home
3) he misses school

Every day I tried to extract any kind of information out of him what he has done that day, what they talked about, etc. but he kept it all in. But often later in the day he was telling me all the cool things he has heard about and spelled words to me that we for sure didn't learn to spell. So overall I would say it was a big success to enroll him in this camp and I think he had more fun then he was showing me. He is a real guy after all.

Here is my favorite drawing of the daily weather drawing. It was Tuesday and it was overcasted that day:

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