Thursday, September 17, 2009


Listening to the noise the children are making while making dinner
made me realize how precious all those little moment really are.
Matilda practicing new words she has just learned,
repeating bear, bear, bear, light, light, light.
Tomorrow she will learn other words and
bear, light and others will belong to her vocabulary forever.
Behind my other shoulder I can hear Lukas counting the fish in the bowl.
One, two, three, your plate is ready, Mommy.
Tomorrow he will write the menu with all the items he is preparing
and the next door will open for him.
Moments like these will be gone, others will come.
Happiness will always stay.

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AC said...

what a beautifully written piece. Thanks for sharing! I was thinking the same thing today when Noah was happily singing to himself, marching around the room.