Monday, December 21, 2009

Huge Surprise!

I have to share with you the biggest surprise I have ever gotten for my birthday. I will turn 40 in 3 days and wasn't really sure if I should celebrate this round birthday this year. Agonizing and thinking back and forth I invited friends for a celebration to later cancel it after all.

So last night Patrick said let's go out. We packed up Matilda (Lukas was with his cousin for the afternoon) and we went to King Crab, a Chinese restaurant here in Milpitas.

After we found parking while crossing the street I said to Patrick that I feel guilty to go to the restaurant without Lukas because he usually likes their food so much. But since he was with Kyle and was supposed to have pizza, I thought it's all good.

When we walked to the restaurant, I was still oblivious. After we walked in, I saw Britta, my friend, sitting in the back of the restaurant. My first thought was "hm, what a coincidence that she is here tonight too!". And then I saw them all! The whole family and my friends Britta and Evelyn were gathered at two tables to celebrate my 40th birthday with me! What a surprise! Tears came to my eyes and I felt so overwhelmed but so happy.

Then we had delicious dinner. I will never forget that evening, the surprise and my heartbeat.

Thank you all for loving me. I love you all back!


~Sandy~ said...

awe that's soooo sweet!

Winnie said...

Love those kind of surprises. King Crab is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the Bay. I try to go there whenever I visit.