Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Belated surprise!

Without any expectation I opened the mailbox yesterday and look what I found: a late birthday present from Joanna, my best friend forever ever. We know each other for over 25 years. We met in high school and became friends right away. After high school, our ways parted and through all these years, we never lived in the same city, for some years not even in the same country. But we kept being best friends through all of it.

Our friendship is true and real, honest and comfortable. We went through hard times and we learned from our mistakes. I consider Joanna my sister that I never had.

The gift is a beautiful bracelet with Lukas and Matilda's names on it as well as E ~heart~ P. I will wear it always from now on.

Vielen Dank liebstes Asku. Ich liebe Dich auch.

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