Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trip to Cancun

What a great trip it was! Our one week visit to Cancun last week has given us time to relax and spend time together. The kids mastered all the flights with patience and lots of sleeping.

Here is the view from our balcony that we woke up to every morning. The ocean was warm and pleasant to swim in but with strong current at times.

We took public transportation to get around in Cancun since the taxis are expensive and the bus stop are convieniently located on the main street, just short walking distance from the hotel or in town. This was our biggest adventure on this trip and we loved the open windows, crazy driving style and rap music played by the drivers.

Of course, I found another pair of sunglasses for Matilda at our local Target shortly before the trip so she was covered and ready to pose.

On our daily walks, we have seen many iguanas hanging around the hotel. Very much to Lukas' disliking. He is terrified of them. Matilda not so much, she was waving to all of them.


bethany said...

What an amazing trip! So fun-I'm definitely jealous!!

Blakenetizen said...

OMG So Beautiful!