Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Matilda - 18 months old

Today Matilda turned 18 months old. To commemorate this big event, here are few things you should know about her:

1) She likes to sleep.
2) She likes to eat.
3) She likes to play.
4) She loves her big brother.
5) She eats olives and anything else we give her.
6) She likes to wear pants.
7) She got her first bandaid on Tuesday. She fell and scratched her knee.
8) She can say Mommy (it sounds like Moooommmmyyyyy) with such sweetness that I melt every time she says it.
9) She sucks her thumb before falling asleep.
10) She is curious and adventurous and fearless.
11) She climbs on the kitchen chair and proceeds from there onto the table.
12) She likes to sit in Lukas’ car seat. Now Lukas has to sit in her pink car seat.
13) She can get super mad when you take away a toy from her but she will also just give it to you when she feels like it.
14) She likes dogs and then she doesn’t like them when they get too close.
15) She loves to eat the sand at the playground.
16) She likes the Black Eyed Peas and Soulja boy (no kidding!).
17) She has the cutest smile and laugh. Deep from the stomach.
18) She makes us happy every minute of every day.
19) Ok, one more from Daddy: She loves her Daddy.

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