Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trip to Great America

I wanted to wait with this post til tomorrow but my fingers are itching to post the cool pictures that we took at Great America today. What a fun day it was!

After arriving at the park, Lukas and Patrick went on the Merry Go Around (sp?) twice. After checking out many other rides, Lukas found his favorite: rollercoaster!! He went on the water coaster twice (I could handle it only once), 3 times on a fast rollercoaster with Patrick, and twice more on a smaller one. I was sick just looking at him but he kept saying "one more time". He has no fear.

Matilda went on a ride too!

The water park was the next favorite attraction and we spent few hours there. Matilda walked through the shallow water admiring Lukas' swimming skills.

Overall, we had a great time. And we drove only 10 minutes to get to that place. Nothing can beat that. Lukas didn't even had a chance to ask "Are we there yet?". Mission accomplished.

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