Thursday, November 12, 2009

2002 Merlot

After years of abstinence, we finally drank some wine, at home, on the sofa, just the two of us. Few days ago I felt that the time has come that Patrick and I start to enjoy the quiet evenings even more.

My all time favorite wine is from the winery Chateau Julien in Carmel Valley. When I was working with the Plaza Hotel in Monterey, we ordered this wine for all our functions and it became my favorite since then. That's like 7 years ago. I was able to keep few bottles because of the pregnancies but now the time has come.

So last night, we enjoyed this smooth, fruity, sweet-but-not-sweet wine to the last drip. Can't wait for tonight to finish the bottle.


~Sandy~ said...

looks divine! there is nothing like sipping wine after not having a taste for years :)

californiablue said...

Thanks for the recommendation! My husband and I have been to Chateau Julian and it's lovely.