Monday, November 16, 2009


Lukas loves to play with Lego. Through the years he got lots of Lego sets from the Spongebob, Star Wars and City collection. He eagerly puts the Lego together after we take it ouf of the box but few days later, after playing with the toys in a boyish way and having a sister that likes to touch the toys too, pieces start to fall apart and the brand new truck has now only wheels left or Spongebob's rocket ship wasn't as sturdy as Lukas thought after letting it fly through the air.

But this is a good thing that the toys eventually fall in many pieces because then the real fun starts. Lukas is a master in building cities, space shuttles, airplanes and helicopters, all made from his fantasy and without following any directions. His imagination is endless when it comes to explain what he has built. To me it might look like few little guys standing around, but to him is a construction site with many different elements that he patiently points out to me.

My favorite thing to do is sorting the Lego but it's not really very beneficial. After few days, everything lands back in few boxes.

Here is us and Lukas awesome space station with stormtroopers storming the base. Or something like that.

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Winnie said...

Cute pic! It's awesome that he has such great imagination. I think it's important for kids to have that. Keep building, Lukas.